Shawn Fitzgibbons for Newton School Committee

To my campaign supporters,

Thank you, thank you, thank you for your support, donations, endorsements and encouragement in support of my campaign for Newton School Committee.

Alas, the results didn't go our way. That is definitely a bummer ... *sigh* .... Still, I am proud of the campaign and I am very glad we tried. I hope you are too.

I'd like to acknowledge a few people who did a ton to help.

  • Kate Wissel for being a superstar wife, stopper of gun stores and supporter of my run for office.

  • Emily Murphy for being an awesome, tireless and dedicated campaign chair - all while simultaneously also helping stop gun stores in Newton and parenting three young kids - amazing!

  • Sara Penn, holder of the totally important and completely under-appreciated job of campaign treasurer - thank you for your flawless accounting!

  • Susie Heyman, Claire Sokoloff, Emily Prenner, Jean Weinberg, Ruth Goldman, Tim Curry and Jane Frantz who did a ton this year for the campaign - thank you - you rock! It was great fun working with you over the past year.

Once more - to all who were part of my campaign team - great job, you're amazing and thank you for being a part of the team.

I'm sure I'll see you soon. I'll be staying involved as always with the schools and many other great causes in our city.