"I am running for school committee to make sure that in the years to come we keep our responsibility to Newton's children as one of the community's highest priorities."

At a high level, my focus will be to strengthen the mission of public education in Newton, which is to be sure we always provide high quality education for all students. This is the true mission of public education in our country - any student can access a great education in their community.

Newton has an exceptional system - we're doing well compared to other schools at achieving that mission. Still, there is more work to do to ensure that we are providing each and every student access to the best education, best facilities and best experience.

Now, during this difficult time, and after the pandemic, we must work hard, and plan to ensure that our teachers, educational staff and capital infrastructure are all supported and able to ensure the success of Newtons’ students for years to come.

My priorities during the pandemic:

Maintaining in-person schooling is critical. It is clear that every effort should be made to safely keep students in schooling. There are so many reasons why students should be at school--academic achievement, social and emotional well being and more. We must continue to maintain safe - for students, educators and staff alike - in-person learning during the pandemic.

To do this we must;

  • listen, create plans and over communicate to ensure that all those who are invested in the success of our schools are supported and heard.

  • work with medical experts to ensure Newton leads in safe, in-person education at all grade levels; and

  • implement comprehensive, regular COVID testing and high-quality HVAC systems to ensure that our schools are safe for all; and

After the pandemic subsides:

We also have an opportunity to use what we learned during the pandemic to improve and evolve our educational system. In particular, given how the pandemic has more severely impacted communities of color, I will work to advance policies that will further eliminate disparities in our system and ensure that every single student in Newton can access high-quality education.

If elected, my priorities would include;

  • Support academic excellence for all students, and closing pandemic-related learning deficits;

  • Ensure open and transparent communications and help improve working relationships among key groups—teachers, administrators, parents and the School Committee;

  • Anticipate and plan for fiscal challenges associated with tough budget years ahead;

  • Promote an anti racist culture across our school system, addressing needs of students of color;

  • Support and strengthen special education programs;

  • Provide behavioral health support to students in need of help;

  • Renovate and rebuild our high priority school buildings; and

  • Promote environmental sustainability through green buildings, nutrition programs, solar energy and implementing Safe Routes to School.